Learn more about the San Francisco real estate trends and how you can add them to your own home.

Designing with Tropical Plants

Move over flower bouquets, large tropical plants are taking over homes everywhere. Danielle Lazier + Associates’ Director of Operations, Zena Ah Chin, says these large, richly green tropical plants are finding their place tucked into living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. They perfectly fill corners of dead space, making rooms feel more interesting and even serene. Many of them also offer additional benefits like air purifying abilities and are safe for pets. You can even find tropical plants that don’t need direct sunlight, which makes them perfect for less sunny areas of your home Plants like this will add a homey and modern touch, even to the most minimalist home. Whether your house is on the market or you’re looking to update your decor, tropical plants are an easy on-trend addition.

Some of the plants we love to grow in our homes include: Large Snake Plants, Peace Lilies, Monstera Deliciosa, & plants in the Palm family including Kentia Palms.

Light Neutrals with Dark Accents

While white is never really out, it definitely has its moments in the spotlight. We’re seeing light washes of neutrals including grey, white, and cream tones paired with very dark neutrals like deep greys, black, and navy. Leading San Francisco real estate agent and founder of Danielle Lazier + Associates, Danielle Lazier, is seeing this real estate trend take off in the city.! The contrast is intense and eye catching without being obnoxious or overwhelming. The best part is that light neutrals go with virtually everything so you don’t have to commit to a color scheme in order to have a trendy home.

Dark or Light Wood

San Francisco’s real estate trends include incorporating either dark or light-washed wood. Either can create a wonderful ambience in a home. Here are a few things to consider.

Light wood bounces light brightly, so it’ll light up a room with even just a little bit of light. Light stains work best in spaces like living rooms or home offices where you want to take advantage of as much natural lighting as possible. They’ll make even a smaller space feel larger, which is a big selling point for houses going on the market.

Darker woods look elegant and modern in spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. You want your spaces to look organized and clearly defined, so contrasting lighter colored walls and counters with dark wood makes for the perfect combination.

Sally Thompson, real estate expert at Danielle Lazier + Associates, says that wide-plank floors are one of the hottest real estate trends she’s been seeing in San Francisco. No matter what color wood you go with, try a wide-plank style to make your space feel larger and on-trend!

Interactive Elements in a Small Backyard

One of the most prized possessions of any San Francisco property is having outdoor space. While your outdoor spaces may not be as large as backyards in suburban homes, there are a few simple tweaks that maximize their impact:

    Install artificial grass. This alone can make your backyard feel more like a yard. Kids and pets can enjoy playing outside without the high maintenance of natural grass. It can also add an excellent pop of color to your yard and potential buyers are more likely to feel at home since the lawn is fresh, tidy, and, of course, tough and drought tolerant.

    Add seating. Unless you have fabulous outdoor seating, your agent and/or home stager will likely suggest you upgrade your outdoor seating to really entice buyers or guests. Guests will enjoy feeling like they’re part of the backyard BBQ even while they’re in the middle of the city. Potential buyers will be able to visually imagine entertaining or enjoying breakfast outside when there’s a place for them to sit and imagine it.

    Add a Firepit. Keep your guests warm and comfortable by installing a fire pit. Whether it’s a gas lit one with gorgeous glass or a traditional, wood burning one, you and your guests will get to feel the warmth without being forced inside. Simple upgrades like a fire pit add appeal to your home and help you achieve the highest return on your investment.

The Modern Industrial Look

The latest San Francisco real estate trends show that brick is definitely back. Exposed brick walls, copper fixtures, metal sheeting, and even cement give a youthful, modern vibe to San Francisco’s real estate. It effortlessly combines San Francisco’s history with a luxurious twist resulting in anon-trend aesthetic. Neighborhoods including Mission Bay are fully embracing beautiful brick buildings and their industrial chic vibe. Not only is this look easy to achieve, it’s incredibly affordable. Look for copper-toned metals for accents and kitchen fixtures while contrasting them with stark white or light grey fabrics and wall colors. Smaller cement pots with succulents add color and texture while light woods clean up and brighten your space. Embracing this San Francisco real estate trend can bring a balance of luxe and San Francisco charm without stretching your budget.

Whether you are looking for the perfect on trend or you’re looking to sell a your home and want to leverage San Francisco real estate trends to maximize your property’s appeal, reach out to Danielle Lazier + Associates. We are San Francisco’s real estate trend experts and we’re ready to help you buy or sell the home of your dreams.

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