Reputation Matters to the Best San Francisco Real Estate Agents

Beyond all the homes and high-stakes negotiations, real estate is still a people business like any other, and reputation definitely matters when you hire a San Francisco real estate agent!

To sell your home in San Francisco for the highest possible price or place the winning offer to buy a San Francisco home you love, you’ll want the help of an experienced San Francisco real estate team with a proven track record for getting results.

Your agent’s strategy, marketing and negotiation skills are critical in your outcome as a homebuyer or seller. Your agent’s connections and reputation can have a big impact too.

Working With a Well-Known, Respected San Francisco Realtor

Despite a population of nearly 900,000, our 7×7-mile city of San Francisco still feels like a small town in many ways. Neighborhoods like Noe Valley and Bernal Heights are desired by homebuyers for their “village-in-a-city” vibe, and it seems like everyone knows everyone within certain communities and industries.

This is even more pronounced in San Francisco real estate. Around 5,000 real estate agents are licensed in the city, yet most listings here are bought and sold through a top echelon of San Francisco RealtorsⓇ. Chances are, in your home purchase or sale, the agent on the other side of the deal will be one of a smaller cohort of well-known agents. (More like a few hundred or even fewer, rather than a few thousand.)

When it comes to one of the biggest transactions of your life—buying or selling a San Francisco home—would you be opposed to working with an agent known for being professional, friendly and responsive?

In our 20+ years in San Francisco real estate, our team at Danielle Lazier Real Estate and Vivre Real Estate has worked with all the other big names in the market. There are plenty of wonderful, professional, knowledgeable agents to choose from when you buy or sell. Many of them have become our friends through the years, attending the same events, working within the same circles and regularly connecting to get details on a property or facilitate a deal for our respective clients.

However, with so many licensed agents out there, some will inevitably be less experienced, less responsive, or otherwise less-than-ideal to reach their client’s goals. These agents tend not to last long in our industry so deeply reliant on trust, repeat business and referrals.

Not just for our clients who have graciously placed their trust in us, but for our colleagues as well, it’s our goal to be responsive, professional and courteous in every interaction.

Why You Should Hire a San Francisco Realtor with a Great Reputation

There are benefits to working with a well-connected and respected San Francisco real estate agent.

As a San Francisco homebuyer, your offer is more likely to be accepted coming from an agent who can be trusted to follow through, tell the truth and pull their weight.

As a San Francisco home seller, a well-reputed listing agent is in the best position to network and promote your property to other agents, get early feedback, and refine your home’s positioning in the market.

Buying or selling a home is a multi-stage process that typically involves hundreds of communications between real estate agents and clients, vendors like painters and inspectors, industry professionals like escrow agents and title representatives, and more.

Every interaction along the way is an opportunity to strengthen—or weaken—those relationships. As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

We’re always thinking about that as we represent our clients and ourselves. What kind of agent do you want to represent you in one of the biggest transactions of your life?

Best San Francisco Real Estate Agents

If you are considering a move in San Francisco, whether buying or selling a home or both, we would love to share our experience and help you explore your options. Throughout 800+ successful transactions, our top San Francisco real estate team has built a reputation for honesty, responsiveness and generally being pretty nice to be around and talk to!

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