San Francisco Bay Area Property Taxes

As San Francisco Bay Area real estate agents, we are often asked by both home buyers and sellers about property taxes. How and when is property tax assessed in the SF Bay Area? When are property tax payments due? How much do I owe in property tax?

Property taxes are very important (ie. paying them, and on time), but thankfully they are not too complicated.

When are Bay Area property taxes due?

No Darn Foolin’ Around (November/December, February/April)

An easy way we like to remember when property taxes are due is the phrase, “No Darn Foolin’ Around” — or NDFA.

Your first fiscal-year installment of property tax in the Bay Area comes due in November and delinquent in December. Your second installment comes due in February and delinquent in April. (NDFA!)

Watch: Property Taxes in the SF Bay Area

There’s a little more to it, like how the Assessor determines the amount you owe as the property owner, or how much a buyer and seller each owe after a real estate transaction. For these details, watch our quick video below!

Learn More about Bay Area Property Taxes

For a deeper dive into these topics, or to see what you owe and make a property tax payment, check out the following links:

Visit the SF Assessor’s website to learn how property tax is assessed in San Francisco.

Visit the SF Treasurer’s website to make a San Francisco property tax payment online AND learn more about secured property taxes, due dates and penalties in San Francisco.

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