The room that works the hardest in your house is your living room. It needs to entertain guests, host Netflix binge sessions, and sometimes function as your second dining room (albeit a more casual one). Keeping it comfy without overspending can be tough but we’ve got some easy DIY projects that you can use to give your living room a makeover on a budget.

Concrete Planters

Large tropical plants are one of San Francisco’s real estate trends to watch and the planters that you keep them in are a great way to add your personal style into your living room. We love these West Elm planters and they’re super easy to do-it-yourself. You can buy the concrete planter pre-made or if you’re feeling super crafty, you can make it yourself! You can give them a luxurious touch by painting wooden legs gold or give them a down-to-earth feel by wrapping a planter in thick rope, ribbons, or even fabrics that match your color palette.


Rugs are not just fashionable, they’re functional. They can help visually separate a room which is especially helpful if your home office is sharing space with your living room. Rugs can be expensive but you don’t need to shell out to have a nice one like the one above. Try following this simple fabric rug tutorial which just uses a rubber grip mat, canvas cloth, upholstery fabric, and spray adhesive! Not only is it super easy and inexpensive, you’ll get to have the exact color, pattern, and size you want to use in your living room. Use a rug as an accent color or make a small one to section off that office space. If you want a cozier feel, try making a faux fur rug!

Decorating with Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to makeover your living room space is to use mirrors! They’re the oldest trick in the book for making a space feel bigger and there are tons of ways to decorate with them. Hang mirrors of different sizes together on a wall to add a touch of spontaneity or create a grid of large, square mirrors for a sleek effect. For a natural look, fit a wooden frame on an oversized floor mirror. There are millions of ways to add your own style to your living room makeover using mirrors, so experiment and have fun!

Semi-DIY Hacks with IKEA

You don’t have to start from scratch to give your living room a makeover. Add legs to the Ekby Alex shelf drawers and turn them into a desk! Use hairpin legs for an industrial look, shiny A-frame legs for a sleek look as seen above, or even attach them straight to the wall and just add a chair for a minimalistic style. Using the Kallax Bookshelf, screw on some wheels and a decorative serving tray on top to turn it into a space-saving bar cart. You can even lay the bookshelf on its side, attach a large piece of glass to the top, and create a uniquely chic coffee table. You don’t need to be crafty (or spend a ton!) to make these easy living room makeover projects.

Create a Gallery Wall

This is one of the most budget friendly ways to makeover your living room space. Just pick a wall with tons of space (statement walls are a great choice) and arrange a collection of frames, art, and more. This could be a great place to show off your travel souvenirs, hang family photos, or display your most inspiring art. We recommend planning your layout before hanging or you may end up with more holes in your wall than you (or your landlord!) want to see. Plan out your wall by mocking up estimated heights and widths of your items on a basic program like Google Drawings and arrange them on your screen. If you’re more of a hands-on person, trace your items on paper and tape them to the wall with painter’s tape so you can easily move them around your wall without ruining the paint.

Ready to find the perfect living room to DIY?

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