Selling Your Soma Condo in Today’s Market

This entry in our San Francisco Real Estate Case Studies series tells the tale of how we helped our clients sell their Soma condo and get great results, despite some serious economic and market headwinds.

To those buying and selling it, San Francisco real estate is always important and always complicated. Add two-decade-high mortgage rates, shifting economics, and wildly varying local market dynamics to the equation? That’s a recipe for difficulty, whether buying OR selling a home. And that’s the landscape in which we start our Soma home seller client’s success story today.

Selling a unique property, like our clients’ Edwardian condo in Soma, requires more than just market knowledge—it demands a highly strategic approach, tailored to the property’s uniqueness and the neighborhood’s dynamics. At Vivre Real Estate, we specialize in turning these complex market conditions into success stories. Let’s explore how we achieved this for one of our clients amidst the toughest market in recent years.

Elegant living room interior featuring an Edwardian fireplace, hardwood floors, and large windows for natural light

Preparing For a Unique Soma Condo Home Sale

After spending 13 years in their beloved Edwardian condo in Soma, our SF home seller clients were ready to embark on a new adventure. Their decision to sell was not made lightly. It was a thoughtful process, balancing their affection for their current home with their desire for a change that suited their evolving lifestyle.

The search for their next home was meticulous and patient. They kept a close eye on the market, carefully considering their options within and outside San Francisco. Their perseverance paid off when they secured their ideal home in Bernal Heights, leveraging Danielle’s connections and strategic financial planning.

👉 Learn more about Danielle Lazier, top San Francisco listing agent since 2002.

Cozy eat-in dining area in Soma condo with stylish wallpaper and French doors opening to a quaint backyard.

Selling Strategies That Work

In late 2023, the listing inventory of condos for sale in Soma was substantial. That made it a competitive market for sellers—not so much for buyers, contrary to the usual dynamics most San Franciscans know after so many years of air-tight supply. (Note that listing supply is still very limited in many parts of the city, particularly for single-family homes.)

Selling our clients’ condo in Soma’s competitive market, especially during a notably difficult period, demanded a nuanced approach. Our strategy was twofold: a deep understanding of the target buyer demographic, and expertly crafted, targeted marketing. We knew the unique appeal of our clients’ condo would resonate with a specific buyer group. By focusing our marketing efforts and staging the property to highlight its distinctive features, we ensured it stood out in a crowded market to the cohort of homebuyers most likely to be interested.

A serene retreat: the large, stylish bedroom in the Soma home, with direct backyard access.

Achieving Results in a Competitive Market

While many condos in Soma, and even in neighboring areas like Mission Dolores and the Inner Mission, were struggling to find buyers, our approach led to a swift and successful sale. In just about three weeks, our seller clients accepted an offer over the asking price. The successful strategy to sell a Soma condo was a case study in understanding the market and our ability to position properties advantageously.

We love a good win-win! The new owners were an ideal fit for the intimate Soma condo building, and our clients were able to transition to their new home in Bernal Heights with the peace of mind that comes from a smooth and profitable sale.

Tranquil and secluded backyard deck and patio area of the Soma condo.

Work with Top Soma San Francisco Listing Agents

In San Francisco’s real estate market, particularly when dealing with unique properties or competitive situations, having the right representation is crucial. Danielle and our team of specialists at Vivre Real Estate bring deep neighborhood knowledge, a keen understanding of SF property types, and the strategic acumen to position your home effectively to optimize the results.

If you’re contemplating how to sell a Soma condo and feeling daunted by the task, let us help you navigate these complexities and turn them into your own success story. At no obligation, please reach out to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal situation and goals. Contact us here. Or, if you feel we’re a good fit and want to get the ball rolling, fill out our seller worksheet to give us some additional background.

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