2021 Real Estate Preview: Design, Marketing, Market Crystal Ball, Tax FAQ & Prop 19

How 2020 Laid the Groundwork for Exciting Changes in 2021

San Francisco Real Estate Predictions for 2021

This 2021 Real Estate Preview virtual San Francisco real estate workshop was recorded live on Zoom, December 11th, 2020.

San Francisco real estate in 2020 saw many twists and turns, but with change comes opportunity. In this real estate workshop, we’re looking ahead to 2021: Which 2020 real estate trends will continue next year? What does the passing of Prop 19 mean for property taxes, and how can homeowners come out ahead? What are the most common tax considerations when buying and selling real estate? What does my Magic 8 Ball have to say about market conditions?

This San Francisco Real Estate Workshop features special guests:

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