Read on for this week’s company-wide real estate sales! The market continues to show seemingly random results. But, it’s not random. It’s business as usual for San Francisco real estate!

  • 40% of properties sold received multiple offers.
  • Of properties sold:
    • 40% sold for more than the asking/listing price
    • 40% sold for less than the asking/listing price
    • 20% sold at the asking/listing price

All politics is local and so is all real estate. For San Francisco, real estate is REALLY localized. Exact location, property type, condition, tenancy, and marketing prowess are just some of the factors that explain why the results are all over the chart. It is a buyer’s market in some places and a seller’s market in others. One just needs to know where to look! One rule of law always apply: fair market value is determined by the buyer, not the seller. Whatever price a buyer is willing to pay for a property is its value.

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