Well, it’s not particularly great news but it’s pretty fair and accurate considering how not so long ago the lovely Chron real estate folks seemed to only like to trash us agents. In the slowdown, have they decided to stop biting the hand that feeds them? Yet, I regress.

I don’t have time right now to pontificate (yes, you are so sad) because I’m on my way to a signing, aka closing appointment. Yes, folks are buying homes in San Francisco. In this case, they’re buying a great single family in Bernal Heights.

It’s a good read and our very own, Bill D. is a featured contributor. Check it out here.

The moral of the story: it’s a great time to buy if 1. you are a first time buyer 2. you’ve owned your home for a few years and are ready to trade-up or 3. you want an investment property to hold.

As for sellers…It’s not the best time to sell but it’s not the worst either. Many people are successfully selling homes in today’s market.  In particular, it’s an okay time IF you’ve owned your home for a few years, are willing to price for today’s market values, and/or selling is the right thing to do for YOUR overall life and financial picture.

Moral #2. No one can time the market perfectly. Do what’s in your best interest for now and for later. We are blessed to live and own real estate in San Francisco. Compare our downturn to outside the City.

Okay, Pollyanna’s off to meet her clients!

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