With mortgage rates at record lows and listings at their highest supply in years, right now is a uniquely good time to buy a home in San Francisco.

It’s also a great time for San Francisco homeowners and sellers looking to “right-size,” trade up or down, or just find something that better fits your current lifestyle.

Of course, before you start the process of buying (or selling and buying) a San Francisco home, you likely have some questions. We’re here to help.

San Francisco Home Buyer Workshop

We recently hosted a virtual real estate workshop in Zoom to discuss all things home buying with a panel of expert guests.

We covered important information like when to buy a home in San Francisco, getting a loan and other financing, what the process is like and working with an agent, and home improvements like remodels, additions and fixer-uppers.

Featuring special guests:

  • Eve Fisher, Home Buyer Agent Specialist with our team
  • Gisela Schmoll, architect and owner of Schmoll Designs
  • and a Senior Lending Officer with Bank of America

Watch the workshop recording below, and click here to see all recent workshops and stay up to date for upcoming events. You can also view all our videos on YouTube.

Intro/When Should You Buy? (0:00)
Lending & Financing (4:00)
The Buying Process (22:06)
Design, Remodels & Fixer Uppers (41:45)
Conclusion (55:25)

Get in Touch

If you are interested in buying a home in San Francisco, fill out our Buyer Worksheet to start the no-pressure conversation.

If you are interested in selling a home in San Francisco, fill out our Seller Worksheet and let’s talk strategy!

And if you have any additional questions about buying a home in San Francisco or any other aspect of San Francisco real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Danielle Lazier Real Estate. We’re always happy to lend our expertise and help you get the right results!

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