Where is San Francisco Real Estate Headed? According to a recent article in the Wall St. Journal, SF real estate is looking pretty good…or rather looks better than most. No real estate market is great right now but I guess, we just “suck less” than the others! No, that was not a direct quote from the WSJ. 😉

For example, in a chart ranking 28 major real estate markets, San Francisco has had the 2nd highest drop in inventory from a year ago. Less supply = you guessed it, more demand.

San Francisco’s month’s supply of inventory is 4.6 months which is the 2nd lowest of the 28 markets.

Want to see more of the statistics, check out the entire article here. We’re having tech issues so cannot upload images right now. You’ll have to click-thru.

And just remember, even when it’s bad, it’s better to be better.

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