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San Francisco relocations in 2020 were mainly within the Bay Area

Word is there’s houses, horses ‘n baked beans aplenty, if you mosey down south to Texas.

Contrary to the narrative of San Franciscans staking their claim in Austin or Boise or Portland last year, it turns out most who sought new pastures didn’t wander far.

According to an SF Chronicle analysis of USPS change-of-address requests, 7 of the top 10 destinations where San Franciscans resettled in 2020 were Bay Area counties, and all 10 were in California.

Austin, Denver and Portland were the only out-of-state destinations to make the top 20, with around 200 relocations each. Compare that to SF neighbor Alameda County, which saw an influx of over 8,000 San Franciscans.

Equally interesting is that relocations within San Francisco rose more than 50% last year, given the attractiveness of buying and/or moving amidst low mortgage rates and falling rents.

If you are thinking of making a move this year, check out our recent Zoom workshop recording: The 2021 Home Buyer’s Guide.

And lest we forget, here’s your first friendly reminder that SF Property Tax second installments are due by April 10th!

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