February 2021 Newsletter

A tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, San Francisco poet and visionary

Dimmer now the city lights,
                  their beating, unbound energies
                     like the brightest blazing candle spent.
A flame remains,
                   forever fused to the city’s soul,
      burned in an afterimage
                         of freewheeling factions
                                             and freedom fighters,
            immortalized in verse and love.
Guardian to howling spirits,
                     balefire to the wayfaring fringe,
     prophet of peace and light
                                              and revolution,
his white and wizened smile
                           ebbs into grey fog,
       and streetlights flicker
                  for an eternal instant,
                           from North Beach to the heavens.
Yet the beat drums on–
                         with one
                deafening in its silence.

– Carter Chase, DL+A team member

San Francisco lost a giant this week, but so much of what this city means today still rests upon his shoulders. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and founder of City Lights, dead at 101.

I hope you enjoyed this little, poetic tribute from our team, featured in our February newsletter.

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