Here’s another interesting rent v. own article from the New York Times. Just where is the Chronicle with anything other than gloom and doom? Send me an article, people, please!

Read on for: When Renters Reach the Breaking Point! “WHETHER they preferred apartments uptown or downtown, walk-up or doorman buildings, and old or new construction, many New Yorkers  agreed on one thing about the Manhattan real estate market in the last year: it was safer to rent than to buy.

Some feared that if they bought, the market would fall. Others simply put off the hassle of buying for as long as they could. Not surprisingly, the situation has given landlords the upper hand, and the opportunity to raise rents significantly on market-rate apartments in the face of one of the tightest markets in many years.

Now, many tenants are crying uncle… ‘When you buy, you’re expecting to pay a little bit more because you want better for yourself, she said.  When you include the tax write-off, it came closer to his rent.” Read the entire article HERE.

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