Recently, a client mentioned that they may relocate out of San Francisco and were considering keeping their home as rental property. She wanted to know, “What’s the deal with San Francisco rent control and what kinds of things should I know before becoming a landlord in our great ‘Republic of San Francisco’?”

To summarize: San Francisco has one of the most draconian rent control rule books in the United States. If you know of a City with stricter rent and eviction control rules, please let me know as I’m genuinely curious!

And because we’re San Francisco, the power lies with the tenant, not the property owner. Whether you own one little condo or an entire city block, the deck of cards is stacked against you in this town as a landlord. Don’t get me wrong, I adore our “San Francisco Values.” But sometimes, I think, “OMG, this is insane.” C’mon, don’t you? But then, I go back to Texas for a visit and remember just how much I appreciate it here in SF…  And, hey, where are you going to find home value appreciation like ours (with or without the restrictions)?!

But, I digress. The real question from my client was how can I research the local rules and get some information so I can make an informed, good decision? Here you go!

San Francisco Landlord-Tenant, Rent Control, Eviction Control Information:

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