Right now, the real estate market can be tres confusing. Frankly, I am confused too! Many houses continue to fly off of the shelves, while others sit around…not selling. What is the deal?

In markets like ours, there is a wide variation of both inventory (housing stock) and marketing (presentation/staging and exposure of home to the public by agent).

Some houses are priced to bring in the crowds and presented to get those crowds to pull the trigger, i.e. write an offer to purchase.

Other houses are priced at the top of the value range (or higher) and do not show their best. While you may love Mr. Winkles more than you love your own children (C’mon, you know who you are!), many homebuyers will not appreciate how your home has been decorated as a shrine to the little pup.

Staging is CRUCIAL, especially right now. No, you do not need to hire a professional (though it will greatly help and most likely end up saving you time and money) but you do need to do some staging. I have written posts about how to set up your home for sale and I can give so much more specific advice in this arena but alas, I digress.

The real topic is Bernal Heights and what your Bernal Heights home is worth today. Or, for you home buyers, what does it cost to own in Bernal Heights? Property owners click here to find out specifically what your home is worth.

The reason I digressed into staging is that Bernal Heights is one of the best neighborhoods in which to see the vast variation of pricing, presentation and marketing in today’s San Francisco real estate market.

Want to see competitively priced, perfectly staged and appropriately exposed homes that sell over the asking price due to the 7 offers the sellers received?

Or would you rather see the over-priced house on lockbox with the entire extended family still in residence (along with their 30 years of bric-a-brac)?

Uncle Manny will happily show you around and by that I mean, follow you around the ENTIRE time you are viewing the house. Where’s their Realtor, you ask? Good question. Most likely, he is at his office which is located somewhere far, far away like Daly City! 😉

Yup, we’ve got a lot of each plus many other variations on the theme. So, when you look at the attached data, keep in mind this variation….

Enjoy and let me know if you have questions!

Click here to see Bernal Heights homes for sale NOW and homes that have sold in the past 90 days. DOM means Days on Market, i.e. how long it took the home to sell.


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