Is a SF Real Estate market rebound in the works? Bottom’s up!

Heard on the street from both other SF real estate agents and home buyers:

  • There are a lot more home buyers at the open houses.
  • Multiple offers are back (especially in the lower price ranges) though oddly the offers are not always for more than the asking price.
  • People are feeling better. Hello, social psychology 101!

Is the general malaise lifting? Are we coming out of this Buyer’s Market and headed for a rebound?

Remember, I have been telling you to act now and not wait for the masses to get the picture? This is a phenomenal moment in time for San Francisco home buyers. Don’t miss the moment, folks.

Even SFGate.com is talking about it. And, you know that once the mass media is talking about a market rebound, you better act quick. They report on what those of us on the ground, the real estate foot soldiers if you will, have known for weeks and months. Cheap money & cheaper home prices & mass fear mongering in the news === time to buy both real estate and stocks. Choose wisely. Be conservative but dream big. Be proactive.

So run, don’t walk to your mortgage broker. And then, yes, give me a call. 😉


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