Recently, a seller asked us “What is the San Francisco 3R report I keep hearing about and where/how do I get one in San Francisco for the home that I’m selling?”

Here is our answer:

What is a 3R Report in San Francisco

When you list residential property for sale in San Francisco, a 3R Report (Report of Residential Building Record Report) is required.

The 3R Report is a mandatory disclosure per the City of San Francisco and it must be included in the disclosure package for your property.

You obtain the 3R Report from San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection.  The report contains building permit history only; plumbing and electrical permits are not included.* You can order it online. It can take some time (15 days or more, at times) for the report to be delivered so order it as soon as possible after you decide to sell.

How Do I Get a 3R Report

Order your San Francisco 3R report online or call the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection offices at (415) 558-6080.

NOTE:  You must know the block and lot and address of the requested property.  Use the San Francisco Property Map to find this information if you don’t know it already.

* To research electrical permits, plumbing permits, building permits and complaints by San Francisco property address, use the DBI’s online Permit Tracking portal.


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