“Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here. This is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ – this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.”

What's your SF Bay Area dream?

Pretty Woman has so many fabulous movie quotes but this one has always been my favorite. Maybe because I am one of those dreamers who headed West to find her dream. (Just don’t ask Michael Lewis – California & Bust!)

Reading Tom Friedman’s Op-Ed in last Sunday’s New York Times entitled, “One Country, Two Revolutions,”Β  about the different vibes on Wall Street vs Silicon Valley, I thought, “Yea, that’s it. You want to know why our local real estate market continues to defy the odds? We’re dreamers, starters, doers, believers. We know – we believe – we make things happen. It’s awesome to live here in the SF Bay Area and we continue to make it so…”

“While Wall Street is being rattled by a social revolution, Silicon Valley is being by transformed by another technology revolution β€” one that is taking the world from connected to hyperconnected and individuals from empowered to superempowered. It is the biggest leap forward in the I.T. revolution since the mainframe computer was replaced by desktops and the Web. It is going to change everything about how companies and societies operate.”

Selling real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area can be a bit surreal. Sometimes, it seems like everyone here has a website, blog, app, device, thing-a-ma-jiggy, that’s about to be the next big thing. You meet $2,000,000 first time buyers – all cash. You meet yoga teachers who build apps and computer programmers who do yoga. Certainly, we are all searching for a higher purpose, inner peace, and a path to a more evolved self.

Even us salespeople believe – right now, car dealers, mortgage brokers and even home stagers are gearing up for the latest wave of dreamers to make it big: Millionaire Watch: In Silicon Valley a Countdown [to LinkedIn] Is Under Way !

The convergence of art, technology, commerce, food, wine, and real estate is breath-taking. Everyone and everything is sooo inter-connected. And don’t get me started on Apple and the tremendous influence of Steve Jobs. When news of his death was announced in San Francisco, I truly felt this collective sense of mourning throughout the City.

It’s a blessing to live in the Bay Area and I’m continually inspired to do better, be better as I help people achieve a part of their own dream. (If this wasn’t so true, it would be too cheesy to write, now wouldn’t it?)

So, peace out and enjoy my updated version of the enduring Pretty Woman quote. πŸ˜‰

“Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area! What’s your dream? This is Silicon Valley, baby, land of dreams. Some dreams (apps, start-ups, IPOs) come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ – this is San Francisco. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.”


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