San Francisco Preschools and Private Schools

Every year, many parents shudder at the prospect of getting their kids into preschools and private schools in San Francisco. It’s basically another rite of passage for parenting-inclined San Franciscans, along with buying a home in the competitive San Francisco real estate market.

In some ways, choosing and applying to a preschool or private school in San Francisco is similar to buying a home: questions abound and the process can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Really!

In the webinar below, top San Francisco real estate agent Danielle Lazier is joined by Lauren Gersick, an expert on all things preschool and private schools in SF, to help make sense of it all.

Danielle and Lauren discuss what to consider and research when selecting a San Francisco preschool or private school, ways that SF schools handle admissions, how they are structured by schoolyear model and age, and more. If you have a question that wasn’t answered in this webinar, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help (or to ask Lauren for her expert opinion and get back to you ????).

Without further ado, here’s the webinar on Demystifying Preschools and Private Schools in San Francisco! Timestamps are included if you want to skip to a certain section of interest.

Demystifying Preschools and Private Schools in San Francisco

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