I feel pretty blessed. I run a successful business in which I help our clients achieve their personal real estate goals. And the best part is that more often than not, I really like our clients and enjoy spending time with them. For me, this last part is key.

Being a real estate agent is not easy work and can be incredibly stressful. Think about the last time you bought or sold real estate. Were you a little anxious, excited, or nervous? Even if it was a smooth transaction and everything went according to plan, there’s no doubt that you experienced at least a little stress during the process. Am I right? So, if my job as a real estate agent is to work with clients when they buy and sell real estate, my job is to work with potentially stressed-out people all of the time! So, if we don’t like each other and have good rapport, it would be pretty awful for both of us, wouldn’t it?

But, lucky for me, I really like most of our clients and somehow have built a great business based on doing good work for good people. I enjoy our clients’ company and am interested in their lives. Frankly, it’s pretty interesting because I get to learn what’s going on in some many industries and professions. Want the scoop on the local job market and what’s hot? Talk to a Realtor because we interact with so many different folks!

Recently, I visited with clients (and friends) who bought a 3 unit building in Noe Valley. They had just finished the major renovation of the owner’s flat and had me over for dinner so I could see how the project turned out. First, OMG, what a remodel. The place is stunning. And second, what a wonderful feeling it gives me to see my clients so happy in their new home. And there’s a baby on the way. Mazel all around!

All of this is to say that you should watch this video of our most recent Client Appreciation Party and know that it’s easy for Tanya and I to appreciate clients like you!

[pb_vidembed title=”Bar Agricole South of Market San Francisco” caption=”Tanya and me” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41lc4w1TM1o” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

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