For Sale By Owner San FranciscoBut seriously, if we don’t take clients for the money and if the listings are all online, what are we doing here?

Pondering more on the value of a real estate agent over at daniellelazier.com, I can summarize the main value of today’s Realtor by saying that we take all of the information, much of which is either overwhelming, inaccurate, misleading or all of the above, and put it into context. We break it down, organize it and make it transparent. We help you clarify what you want and help you make good decisions. We translate, decipher and save you time. Or at least we should be doing that if we want to remain relevant in today’s real estate world of online-everything.

Much of real estate can be automated or outsourced through technology but the role of the Realtor as the “in the trenches, on the street advisor” cannot. I should clarify that I am speaking specifically about the type of Realtor who is a consultant or advisor rather than the typical salesperson of days past.

Do your research. Know your stuff. Don’t trust blindly but do align yourself with an experienced real estate professional who will help you sort through the crap so you can make an easy, informed decision about when to sell your home or what home to buy. Maybe that’s why this For Sale By Owner sign was on clearance at the Office Depot San Francisco?

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