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In most parts of the country, fall home tour season signals the beginning of cuddle-up-in-front-of-the-fire time. Here in the Bay Area, the promise of architecture and design voyeurism lures us inside on what are often the warmest and sunniest days.

It is our chance to see the kitchen of the house down the street we’d always wondered about, or to taste a bit of San Francisco’s rich history on the Victorian Alliance tour, or to find out the latest trends in architecture and design among the top creators in the game on the American Institute of Architects tour.

We might have to pay a pretty penny for the privilege, but in exchange we’ll find congenial docents and probably receive an informative program; besides, worthy nonprofits will benefit. And if it’s typical Bay Area fall weather, we can leave the cars at home, take public transit and enjoy a sunny stroll.

Click here for a listing of multiple tours that are planned.

Or check out the Victorian Alliance of San Francisco to learn about this non-profit organization committed to preservation and restoration of Victorian homes and properties in and around San Francisco.

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