Summer Solstice Stroll June 2011
Summer Solstice Stroll June 2011

It may not feel like it everyday, but technically, it is SUMMER!  Summertime in San Francisco is, well, unique. As San Franciscans, we know how to celebrate every warm day, bask in every last second of sunshine (until the fog rolls in) and take every opportunity we can find to stay outside until the sun goes down.

What better way to enjoy the longest day of Summer than by joining us at the Summer Solstice Stroll in Bernal Heights on June 21 (6-9pm, along Cortland Ave).  I can’t promise that it will be “shorts and t-shirt weather” but I can promise crazy good food, cool shops, a glass of white wine (or a nice cold beer), and toe-tapping music. Oh! and a whole lot of awesome Bernal Heights Village hospitality.

Put on your walking shoes and get yer stroll on.

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