As any seasoned San Francisco real estate agent will tell you, the city’s many opportunities for both professional development and investment potential have created a golden age in the region’s history in recent years. With nearby Silicon Valley and Stanford University setting the standard for technological innovation the world over, it is little wonder why so many leading businesses call San Francisco and its environs home and make the city’s real estate market so valuable to investors and buyers alike.

For those familiar with the city’s charms, or for professionals looking to make the jump into the region’s vibrant real estate market, few areas in the world are quite as exciting as San Francisco. Here are just a few San Francisco real estate market insider secrets.

1. San Francisco has the Hottest Real Estate on the Planet

With its proximity to Silicon Valley and its cosmopolitan offerings, San Francisco is rivaled only by cities such as New York, Tokyo, and London for sheer value of real estate space. With more billionaires per square mile living than almost anywhere else on the planet, the city’s homes and buildings will undoubtedly remain highly valuable and desirable well into the foreseeable future.

For real estate agents who have called San Francisco home for years, there simply isn’t any place that is a better place to do business. And with new start-up companies being founded every day within the city and its environs, it’s no secret that the next generation of real estate buyers will choose San Francisco as their home turf as they build new technology-based businesses. With real estate this valuable, it is no wonder why the city is regarded as a property investor’s dream come true.

2. Don’t Miss Opportunities in Surrounding Areas

Unlike cities such as Manhattan, San Francisco’s compact urban footprint means that real estate is desirable outside the city limits. With companies such as Facebook headquartered in nearby Menlo Park and Stanford University driving a housing boom in fashionable Palo Alto, buyers and sellers should know that the area around San Francisco can be just as worthwhile as the city itself. While we love San Francisco and have a special place for it in our hearts, we know that many people would rather visit SF than live here. If you are looking for more space, trees, and a slightly slower pace, living outside the city may be perfect for you.

Surrounding cities such as Oakland have become extremely valuable areas in recent years due to the development of a thriving artistic community and new residents who want a fresh take on San Francisco culture. Napa Valley also offers many opportunities for real estate agents who want to provide buyers with stunning views and almost unparalleled selections of Michelin-starred fine dining establishments and award-winning vineyards.

3. Property Values Will Continue to Rise

Because San Francisco and regions around the city have become the sites for headquarters of top companies such as Google and Facebook as well as venture capital firms aiming to fund the next big thing in the tech industry, San Francisco real estate pros have little doubt that the city’s property values will continue to rise, even considering normal fluctuations in the market. With big investments in infrastructure planned for 2019, residents who are passionate about their home city, and a history of continuous increases in home values, most real estate pros will tell you that San Francisco, if you can hold onto your investment for five to ten years, you will see a return on investment that will benefit the next generation and beyond. For real estate agents who know the value of San Francisco property and know that clients will appreciate the chance to find a great deal on a house or building within the San Francisco area, the future is very bright indeed.

4. There are Opportunities for Newcomers

For individuals looking to get their start as real estate agents in San Francisco, now is an interesting time to jumpstart a career. Many real estate agents in San Francisco will readily admit that it is a challenge for newcomers who want to build careers as agents within the city. Still, there are opportunities for real estate professionals with a knack for finding potential value in interesting properties, and who are willing to put in the time and effort required to build a profitable business in a city with a lot of competition.

That said, the city should be at the top of any aspiring real estate agent’s list for building a new portfolio of properties. Part of the city’s ethos includes a welcoming attitude to new ideas and a meritocratic approach to providing new business professionals with promising opportunities, qualities that will be appealing to new agents with an interest in discovering what the city is all about. San Francisco was rated the #1 city for women in business, for starters. For those who are able to stay in the game, San Francisco’s real estate market offers an amazing upside.

5. Leverage San Francisco to Build Your Career

Let’s say that, for whatever reason, San Francisco ends up not being right for you. Why not learn the ropes in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world, and then leverage San Francisco’s incredible caché and dynamic learning opportunities to build your career elsewhere? With its huge variety of properties available at a variety price points aimed towards a diverse group of buyers, the city and its surroundings are truly exceptional places to begin a real estate career or develop on the strengths of an established real estate company’s portfolio. Above all else, remember to enjoy the experience. As San Francisco natives will tell you, it’s easy to fall in love with the San Francisco Bay Area for a lifetime!


In 2018, Danielle Lazier + Associates sold over $104,000,000 in SF Bay Area residential real estate selling more homes than any other SF Realtor (per MLS). We specialize in listing marketing and home buyer representation. We work with a diverse clientele in terms of budget, property type, and location, but one thing remains consistent: our clients have a clear goal to maximize their San Francisco real estate investment and want us to help them because we deliver both results and an enjoyable experience.

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