Home renovations are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home in the San Francisco Bay Area and — if done correctly — can potentially lead to a substantial return on your investment. It would be unwise to remodel everything, especially since most of your home is probably in good working condition. Instead, invest in the top home renovations that add the most value.

Before you get started with a remodel, it’s important to do some homework:

  • Some remodels require permits, for example, so factor this into your home renovation timeline.
  • Plan your budget well. Take legal fees, materials, labor, and revisions into account.
  • Get the advice of an experienced real estate agent who can help you determine what the strongest selling points of your home will be.
  • Figure out how long each home renovation project will take and then add a month or two to the timeline to cover any revisions.

Top Home Renovations That Add the Most Value in San Francisco

Home remodels that will add the most value to your listing price vary by region. Below are the top home renovations that add the most value in San Francisco:

Invest in Curb Appeal

The first impression people will have of your home is its exterior, which is why it’s important to invest in curb appeal. The best part about home renovations that boost curb appeal is that they can be relatively inexpensive but reap big rewards if they make a positive, lasting impression on potential homebuyers. Something small, like purchasing a new front door, can make your home stand out from other listings. Do keep in mind that San Francisco has several historic districts and other factors affecting what can be approved for exterior home renovations.

Modernize the Kitchen

A new, modernized kitchen can be one of the biggest selling factors for a home in San Francisco. Many of the older homes in San Francisco — the classic Victorians and Edwardians, for example — often have fairly small, boxed in kitchens, and yet the current kitchen trend is spacious and open. Smaller kitchen remodels typically achieve a higher return on investment, but given the structures of older homes in San Francisco, larger remodel projects may be necessary if you want to upgrade the kitchen at all. The good news is that even larger kitchen remodels still bring in a good return on investment. Kitchen renovations can require permits, structural logistics, a variety of materials, and a labor crew, so plan well in advance for the amount of time a kitchen renovation will need.

Refinish the Floors

A small project that is a good home renovation in San Francisco is refinishing the floors. This renovation is definitely one to consider if you’re on a tight budget, since it is less expensive and takes less time than bigger projects like remodeling a kitchen. Hardwood floors are a San Francisco staple, and are especially appealing to homebuyers in search of older, classic homes. If you have kids or pets, or are a San Francisco socialite who hosts a lot of parties, chances are your hardwood floors sustained some wear and tear over the years. Refinishing the floors is a simple way to give your San Francisco home an update while still retaining a classic look.

Make the Garage Functional

The garages of San Francisco homes are in all sorts of various states. Some garages are fully functional and modern, but many are a bit of a fright to enter. Yet in a city where there seems to be more cars than parking spaces, having a functioning garage can be a huge selling point. A garage is also a feature many homebuyers will need to use immediately. While other renovations can be completed long after purchasing a home, no one wants to deal with street parking in San Francisco while their garage is under construction. The downside to upgrading your garage is that you may have to deal with street parking during the renovations, but it will pay off when it attracts potential homebuyers.

Upgrade the Bathroom

A bathroom home renovation project can range from very small to quite large. Simple things, such as upgrading a showerhead or re-caulking a bathtub, will provide quick returns on their investments. Depending on the amount of time and money you have to invest, a bathroom remodel can turn into a much larger investment. However, it is precisely because it can be so time consuming that a bathroom remodel will be appealing to homebuyers. Bathroom remodels, especially if you only have one bathroom, can also be extremely inconvenient, and all the more reason to save your homebuyers from the headache of having to do a bathroom remodel themselves.

An experienced San Francisco real estate agent helps homesellers determine which home renovations to invest in and which to reconsider. If you have questions about the San Francisco real estate market and how to make your home appealing to San Francisco homebuyers, reach out to the Danielle Lazier :: SFhotlist Team and Keller Williams San Francisco.

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