The always-desirable Bernal, Heights neighbourhood offers a wide array of coffee shops with great menu selections and pleasant, welcoming interiors. Bernal Heights coffee shops are the perfect spaces for hosting lunch meetings, catching up with friends, or relaxing with a book on the weekend. Bernal Heights does not disappoint when it comes to quality coffee in the company of friendly, community-minded people.

The best coffee shops in Bernal Heights include several cafés unique to the neighbourhood, as well as famous San Francisco coffee chains. Most of these shops are within walking distance of the residential areas of Bernal Heights and have truly embedded themselves into the community. Each coffee shop provides something unique to the neighbourhood and makes Bernal Heights a wonderful neighbourhood to call home.

Pinhole Coffee

This shop, located at 231 Cortland Avenue, prides itself on offering both quality coffee and stimulating conversation. Pinhole Coffee operates a cosy café that caters well to regulars and newcomers alike. This cosy café with eclectic décor is a great place to plan a weekly chat with your friends in the neighbourhood or finish your latest book. Many community events take place at Pinhole Coffee, including music for children on Wednesdays and community movie screenings.

Pinhole Coffee is open every Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 6pm, and every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 6pm. Pinhole Coffee partners with another local shop, Third Culture Bakery, to bring great gourmet treats to the shop every day. Regular patrons recommend unique desserts, like ube or matcha mini doughnuts.

Progressive Grounds

Progressive Grounds is located at 400 Cortland Avenue and offers a bright, friendly interior space with a vintage San Francisco feel. Recently, Progressive Grounds renovated their outdoor patio space that allows patrons to enjoy their coffee in the fresh air. Locals enjoy the personable staff and the great atmosphere that hasn’t changed through many years of operation. Stop in for a coffee break early in the morning or a nightcap with friends later in the evening.

Progressive Grounds is open every Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 8pm, and every Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 8pm. Stop in to enjoy amazing egg sandwiches for breakfast or tasty lavash sandwiches for lunch. With free Wi-Fi and quality food even for someone on a budget, Progressive Grounds is one of the best settings for work-related projects or finishing a great American novel.

Martha & Bros. Coffee Company

The Bernal Heights location of this popular San Francisco coffee chain opened in 1998 at 745 Cortland Avenue. The owners took lessons from their childhood growing up on their uncle’s Nicaraguan coffee plantation to provide quality coffee daily to their patrons. Martha & Bros. Coffee Company is a great place to stop in with friends or family any day of the week for a warm coffee and a quick bite to eat.

Martha & Bros. Coffee Company is open every Monday through Saturday from 5:15am to 7:30pm, and every Sunday from 6am to 7pm. Plenty of indoor seating, as well as lovely sidewalk tables, provide ample space for all customers there to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or an afternoon treat. The owners boast about their wide selection of gourmet pastries, including warm croissants, crumbly coffee cake, and a variety of bagels and muffins. The very early opening time make this an ideal early bird destination.

Café Seventy8

This corner coffee shop, located at 78 29th Street, opened back in 2008. It has quickly become a beloved fixture in the Bernal Heights neighbourhood. Cafe Seventy8 also benefits the community by featuring the work of local artists inside the café. Patrons comment on the sincerity of the staff and the family-friendly atmosphere of this small shop. Café Seventy8 is one of the best places to stop in for a tasty lunch or spend a weekend afternoon catching up on work.

Café Seventy8 is open every Monday through Friday from 6am to 7pm, and every Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 7pm. You can enjoy both classic coffee beverages and Cafe Seventy8 specialities, such as their take on a Mexican hot chocolate. For breakfast, munch on tasty toasted bagels or filling breakfast paninis. Lunch menu selections include both hot paninis and cold sandwiches in all kinds of varieties for all tastes.

Café St. Jorge

This Portuguese-inspired cafe in Bernal Heights is located at 3438 Mission Street. The name St. Jorge comes from an island off the coast of Portugal, São Jorge, and points to the Portuguese roots of this cosy coffee shop. Café St. Jorge frequently features live music shows and open mic nights, as well as Sunday family days. Beer and wine are also served for those over the age of 21, including quality Portuguese imports.

Café St. Jorge is open daily from 7am to 5pm. While visiting Café St. Jorge, you can enjoy natural, organic coffee and food. Many of the food options also take inspiration from Portuguese dishes and snacks. For lunch, ask for a Tosta Mista, a classic Portuguese grilled sandwich. For those with a smaller appetite, snack on a cheese and baguette board, featuring quality Portuguese cheese and fresh-baked bread. Yum!

You can easily make Bernal Heights your new home and enjoy the trendy Bernal Heights coffee shops daily. Bernal Heights is a friendly and welcoming San Franciscan neighbourhood, where the residents understand the value of community. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to begin the process of buying a home in Bernal Heights. Bernal Heights is the perfect, close-knit community to welcome you and your family to San Francisco.

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