If you are considering selling your home in San Francisco, chances are you are also thinking of the best ways to prepare your San Francisco home to sell for the best possible price.

Home Preparation for a Higher Sale Price

Keep in mind: Not all pre-sale home improvement projects are created equal!

After 800+ home sales and 20+ years helping both homebuyers and sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area, our top San Francisco listing agent team knows a thing or two about what buyers want—and how much it’ll cost you.

In addition to (we like to think) the best possible representation in listing strategy and negotiations, our team is well-versed in getting the most bang for your buck from high-ROI home improvements. To learn our top 3 pre-sale home preparations to net a higher closing price (plus a few more… ????), watch this short video or skip below for the full list.

Best Pre-Sale Home Preparations in San Francisco

Here’s our quick list of top recommended home preparations before you sell your San Francisco property.

  1. Floors
  2. Painting
  3. Professional Home Staging
  4. Lighting
  5. Curb Appeal
  6. Outdoor Space

Get these things right, and you will make WAY more money from selling your home in San Francisco!

For real-life examples of how this works, check out our San Francisco Real Estate Case Studies to read stories about our clients, their properties, and the results we achieved together.


Want to know more about how we prepare San Francisco a home to sell? Our Vivre Real Estate team is here to help guide you to great results. We are dedicated to enhancing your home life throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in a full-service real estate process that is efficient, effective, and even enjoyable!

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