Curious about the state of home values in San Francisco?

As I’ve written before, there is a tale of two cities here in San Francisco. I’d venture to say this is true for most metropolitan areas.

Please don’t put much stock in the San Francisco real estate statistics you see in the mass media. A lot of these indexes are actually Bay Area-wide and let me tell you, what happens in Hayward is not exactly what happens in the Castro! Or so they say… 😉

Here in the City, the outer-lying areas have suffered more than the central parts of San Francisco. I did some research on how the central parts of SF have weathered the storm since 2006. As you can see the median home price is just about the same as it was two years ago! That said, it is down from the highest point.

This following is a graph of all single family homes, condos, TICs, lofts, and coops in San Francisco, excluding MLS Districts 10 and 3. It shows median home price October 2006-October 2008.

For a larger, easier to read version of the report click here. Want to know how your neighborhood has fared? Ask us and we’ll post or email a comprehensive report of homes for sale and recently sold in your ‘hood. Email us.

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