Did you know that when I created SFhotlist back in 2002, it was one of the first real estate blogs in the country? The funny thing is, I didn’t even really know what a blog was, it was just the way I started my business. Creating the SFhotlist blog just seemed like a reasonable way to connect with people interested in the San Francisco real estate market and in the San Francisco community.

As a result of the SFhotlist website, the San Francisco home sellers and buyers communities had a resource where they could learn about architecture, real estate trends, San Francisco market updates, and more. And I’m thrilled that SFhotlist is still one of the best resources for real estate topics today!

The team that I’ve built, the SFhotlist Collective, is a small group of skilled and experienced real estate agents. We work together to provide excellent service for our home seller and buyer clients. Recently, we teamed up with Keller Williams San Francisco to further broaden our reach and quality of services.

When you work with me, you work with me, but you also get the benefit of this team and a company that’s an international and local leader in real estate, Keller Williams San Francisco.

If you’d like to know more, read our blog, see client testimonials, check out our stellar reviews on Yelp, and give us a call! Our team of talented, experienced San Francisco real estate agents work together to provide high level, concierge-style real estate service for all our home buyers and sellers, including you!

Learn more… watch the video!

Interested in learning more about what the SFhotlist Team and Keller Williams San Francisco can do for you, reach out. We’re here to help!


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