Gratitude and Taxes

While I’m certainly not grateful for taxes, I am grateful for you because you allow me to sell real estate in San Francisco & the Bay Area. And why shouldn’t I be grateful? We have the best city & economy in the country and lots of beautiful, interesting architecture to look at…certainly, I never get bored. But, it is November so in addition to wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, I must remind you that San Francisco Property Taxes are due and will become delinquent on Monday, December 10th!

So, back by popular demand, my semi-annual reminder to friend and foe, alike:

The San Francisco Property Tax Person Cometh…

As a friendly reminder, property taxes were due November 1st and become delinquent December 10th. If you have not received your bill or if you have questions, contact the Tax Collector right-away: SFGOV Property Tax Site. The 2nd installment is due February 1st, delinquent April 10th. (If you purchased this year, make sure you also pay your supplemental property tax bill.)

Of course, for those of you wanting to change your property tax situation: i.e. buy a home, sell a home, move up in the market, move down in the market, move out of the market, please let us know so we can create the best real estate strategy for you! Depending on your situation, it might be a smart time to buy your first home, “trade-up” to a new home, or just stay put and enjoy the home you have!

In my opinion, today’s San Francisco real estate market is fantastic for home owners looking to trade up, down, or out. You may be surprised by the appreciation we’ve seen in many neighborhoods since last year!

Please forward this onto any and all friends, coworkers, and family members who may benefit from this information.

And, may your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with love, health, gratitude, good eats, and appreciating real estate!


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