[mappress mapid=”31″]Recently, I was interviewed as a local real estate expert for a piece on the appeal of the Mission District and how that affects the housing market. Here’s an excerpt from the December 18th San Francisco Examiner article by Chris Roberts.

Iconic Mission District Transforming Into a True Melting Pot

“The Mission is definitely in demand right now,” said Zephyr Realtor Danielle Lazier, who maintains SFHotlist.com. “We’re having another tech renaissance.”

Despite the down economy, the real estate market is booming for rentals and sales. A one-bedroom apartment rents for an average of $1,900 in the Mission, with a two-bedroom fetching $2,600, according to Janan New of the San Francisco Apartment Association.

“It is really awful to be a renter right now,” real estate agent Eric Geleynes said. This means that those who can afford to do so buy, and the most popular properties are condominiums, according to Geleynes, who maintains listings — and stats — on Missionvalues.com.

Properties are on the market for an average of two weeks before fetching an average of $720,000, according to Geleynes. The attraction of the Mission is obvious, Lazier said.

The truth is that I’ve been in and around the Mission (go 94110!) since my youthful days of bike rides and beer gardens. (True.) For as long as I’ve known it, the Mission has been a special blend. It’s not for everyone but if it’s for you, you’ll love the diversity of the many groups that call it home as well as the access to food, drink, shopping & sunshine. Many cities and neighborhoods have tried to copy but San Francisco’s Mission is truly one of a kind.

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And, I can’t find the article right now but did you hear about the guy in Berlin who opened a San Francisco-style taqueria?

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