Come little children, we’ll take thee away… to the best trick or treat spots on this side of the Bay!

San Francisco has long been recognized as one of the best cities for trick or treating in the United States. So we at the SFhotlist collective have compiled a list of neighborhoods that boast the best trick or treating in San Francisco. The neighborhoods have been chosen based on the criteria of safety, creativity, and best loot (candy and then some!).

Have some spooky fun on Halloween night with this list of the best San Francisco neighborhoods for trick or treating:

Trick or Treat at Fair Oaks Street

This Halloween haunt in the Mission district draws over 1,000 parents and kids every year! It ranks number one on our safety list with the five blocks between 21st st. and 26th st. closed off to traffic. Ghouls, goblins, spooks, and monsters of all varieties show up around 6pm to claim first dibs on the goodies, but late comers will not be disappointed.

Past years have boasted live bands, mime acts, and a candy chute that tends to make an annual appearance. Many of the residents turn their garages and living rooms into mini haunted houses to give trick or treaters extra Halloween frights. There’s also an extra bonus for parents: five blocks means that you can’t be tricked into hours and hours of trick or treating. This Halloween haunt is short and sweet!

Trick or Treat at Sea Cliff

There’s something about the salty, ocean air and the wind whistling through the trees that makes Sea Cliff extra spooky on Halloween night. Home owners go all out with the Halloween decorations, complete with front yards turned into graveyards, cobwebs galore, and spooky life-size monsters.

This glamorous neighborhood is home to some A-list San Franciscans— and the candy matches the status. Full-size (and sometimes even king-size) chocolate bars, mini treat bags filled to the brim, and even some homemade goodies if you happen upon the right house are just some examples of the loot you can score. Residents are also known to give out glow sticks and glow necklaces so that kids will be visible, and therefore extra safe, on the roads.

Trick or Treat at St. Francis Wood

If haunted forests are more your thing, this is the Halloween neighborhood for you. The scraggly trees and looming houses create an ominous atmosphere as trick or treaters make their way past houses decked out in spooky Halloween adornment.

Trick or treating starts two blocks east of Stern Grove in the Sunset district and it’s best to start by 6pm. The residents will make it worth your while with full-sized chocolate bars and other splurge-worthy treats.

Trick or Treat at Belvedere Street

Venture out to Cole Valley on Halloween night and do your trick or treating in a beloved spot that’s been popular for over 30 years! Great candy and houses decked out to the nines are only a part of the allure— the best part is the genuine enthusiasm of the residents.

Your trick or treaters will be greeted by people in full costume who love to play the part. Dancing Disney characters, video game figures like Mario and Luigi, and full mascot costumes are just a few of the surprises that await. You’ll also be treated to haunted houses, strobe lights, dance parties, movie showings, and games. Plus, the street is blocked off to traffic, so it’s extra safe.

(We’ve also heard that some of the houses give out special treats to parents— like nice, cold beers— but just keep that between us).

Trick or Treat at Cortland Avenue

Do you ever wish that trick or treating started a little bit earlier? If so, you’re in luck with this sweet little spot in Bernal Heights. Rather than knocking on the doors of residents, trick or treaters can pop into the businesses dotting Cortland Avenue as early as 4pm.

Merchants love to get into the full Halloween spirit and don costumes, decorate their shops, play eerie music, and hand out tons of candy. The public library also turns things up a notch and offers games, kid-friendly Halloween movies, and a costume contest.

If all goes well, your trick or treaters will be tuckered out by 7pm. And then you can call the babysitter and go out for some of your own Halloween fun!

Looking to buy or sell in any of these neighborhoods? Let me know! I’d love to help.


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