What do you really pay me for?

For some prospective home sellers, it is tempting to choose a real estate agent based on the list price they suggest or their marketing plan. Of course it is important that an agent knows the local market and has a good, modern marketing plan, but the truth is that there are only so many things anyone can do to market a home. I know my marketing strategies are effective, but I also know that this part isn’t what sets me apart. After all, anyone can build a website, hire a stager and get professional photography, right?

It is my “softer” more nuanced skills of being able to listen, communicate, anticipate, influence and negotiate that makes me a good choice as your real estate agent. Recently, I posted on Facebook about how my business coach asked us to discover our “unique ability” and I said that mine was “telling folks what to do.” 😉 That got a lot of “likes!”

But really, what I mean is that I am skilled at helping folks discover what’s most important to them and then empowering them to take the right steps to achieve their goals.

It is my ability to intuitively predict how a sale will go and be able to presumptively address likely objections and obstacles that sets me apart and has allowed me years of consistent success and happy clients.

Yes, I have great, organized systems that will reduce your stress during the buying or selling process and work with an exclusive collective of associate Realtors, mortgage brokers, home stagers, property inspectors, handyman (handy-people!), contractors, painters, hardwood floor refinishers, countertop installers, floor plan designers, home movers, home organizers, etc that will ensure you get the best care, attention and value for your money & time. And yes, these things are important…

But if you want to know what you really pay me for when you pay the sales commission it is for my intuition and ability to influence outcomes.

Side bar: Luckily for you, the outcome I seek to influence is the one you (as my client) want. I am always “working for your referral” – for you to have a good experience working with me and my team, for you to say nice things about me and proactively introduce me to friends, neighbors and family who want to buy and sell real estate – so it’s not really an option for me to not put your goals first.

Have you seen that adage, “My priorities are simple. They’re yours.”? Yup, I know, this is pretty clichéd and a wee bit cheesy. But, when you are a real estate consultant who lives off of the introductions by past clients to future ones, this just has to be true. Otherwise, why would anyone ever recommend us?

 For example…

Recently, I received offers on a listing I had been marketing. After weeks of strategic property preparation, 2 weeks of pre-MLS marketing via online avenues and my personal network of buyers, agents, brokers, and about 10 days on the MLS with back-to-back showings, we had an “offer date.”

Three bids came in for the house. The lowest one in price was the best in terms. Sometimes, the highest price is not the best offer and sellers should pay attention to the details of every offer – contingencies, time schedules, buyer agent, mortgage broker, buyer profile and so on.

But of course, price is very important and if there is a big discrepancy, who could fault you for wanting to roll the dice and try for the highest offer even if it is not the “cleanest?” Instead of having my clients  risk weeks in escrow paying their mortgage on a house that they no longer lived in & opening themselves up to in-contract negotiations and increased blood pressure, I was able to influence who I knew were the right buyers and the right offer to come up in their offer price – way up – so that they would become the best, overall offer.

The buyers are happy because they had been looking for a long time and love the house. The sellers are thrilled because they have peace of mind and a higher sales price than they expected. And that, is what you pay me for. 😉



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