Here she goes again, defending her fee.

As you know, I like to wax poetically over at www.DanielleLazier.com about San Francisco real estate, the real estate sales process, my role as a SF Realtor and sometimes, just about my life in the big city. Today, I wrote about the commission and the true value of your real estate agent. In other words, what do you really pay us for? I had a great experience recently where I was able to significantly increase my home seller’s profits through the art of influence. Donald called it the the art of the deal, and I don’t disagree. It’s not the obvious stuff that makes a difference when it comes to making you more money when you sell your home or negotiating a great deal and getting you the home you want when you buy a home. It’s the subtle stuff that truly counts.

Here’s an excerpt but please read the full post: The Art of Influence – What do you really pay your Realtor for? I promise, it’s a short yet highly educational read! But, of course, it is.

For some prospective home sellers, it is tempting to choose a real estate agent based on the list price they suggest or their marketing plan. Of course it is important that an agent knows the local market and has a good, modern marketing plan, but the truth is that there are only so many things anyone can do to market a home. I know my marketing strategies are effective, but I also know that this part isn’t what sets me apart. After all, anyone can build a website, hire a home stager and get professional photography, right?

It is my “softer” more nuanced skills of being able to listen, communicate, anticipate, influence and negotiate that makes me a good choice as your real estate agent. Recently, I posted on Facebook about how my business coach asked us to discover our “unique ability” and I said that mine was “telling folks what to do.” ;) That got a lot of “likes!”

But really, what I mean is that I am skilled at helping folks discover what’s most important to them and then empowering them to take the right steps to achieve their goals.


Have a good one and talk soon,


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