Danielle works magic! I was secretly searching for a “project home” and one Friday morning found the perfect one in Stinson Beach. I surprised Danielle and sent her over the listing and asked her to investigate why it had fallen out of contract a few times. By Friday evening she had some answers and had given me an introduction to a non traditional lender who took my call while on vacation in Portland that evening. All weekend I crunched numbers and on Tuesday Danielle and I walked the home. It was amazing, I was hooked, I turned to Danielle and said this is my home now you have to get it for me. Unphased by my not so subtle pressure Danielle had been doing her thing behind the scenes since Friday chatting to the listing agent, communicating my interest and our knowledge of the property. Let’s just say it has issues. Danielle asked me for my letter to submit with the package and we sent it in Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon our offer had been accepted and we found out that the letter had sealed the deal. We were not the highest all cash bidder and they chose us — when does this ever happen? More than you think it seems. So within the space of 6 days I had my dream project home thanks to Danielle. Her deep knowledge of her industry and her ability to connect folks made this magic happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough, I just wish she knew how to design and replace a septic system.

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