Summer Delights in San Francisco: Exploring Strolls, Concerts, and Films

Quite a few San Francisco happenings came across our desks this week – and by “desks” we mean our email in-boxes.  We’re sharing the ones that to us signify Summer has arrived!  If you’re looking for a concert to go to this weekend, want to express your inner Dolce or Gabbana, or feel like exploring a new neighborhood then read on.

The 76th (!) season of the Stern Grove Festival begins this Sunday, June 16th. It’s free (be a good egg and give a donation), the venue is stunning and there is a concert every Sunday until August 18th!  Note: Dan the Automator is on the bill for June 30th – awesome!

We are beyond excited for Frameline37 the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival to start on June 20th.  There is no Summer in SF without the Frameline festival. The theme this year is “Films Bring Us Together”.  This weekend you must sit down with the guide and a very large coffee or mimosa, pick your films, text 1,000 times with your friends about your choices, then buy your tickets.  The festival runs through June 30th.

When choosing where to buy in San Francisco, you want to make sure the neighborhood is a good fit, right?  There is only so much recon you can do from say, driving around or visiting open house after open house.  That’s where the small neighborhood festival comes in.  We’re talking about events like the Bernal Heights Summer Solstice Stroll.  This community party is happening on June 20th from 6:00-9:00 pm mainly along Cortland Avenue and it shines a spotlight on the friendly, arsty and quirky vibe of  Bernal Heights.  It will make you a diehard fan of this hilltop neighborhood.  Really, what’s not to love about a place that has its own liege waffle shop and a choice of no less than 4 cafes to get great coffee to go with it?

Bernal Sumer Solstice Stroll 2013

The next tidbit of noteworthy news comes to us via Pizzeria Delfina.  You know, that mecca of pizza and insalata tricolore deliciousness that no one has a problem waiting over an hour to eat at.  Pizzeria Delfina needs a  new wardrobe and is enlisting the public’s help.  PD is hosting a T-shirt design contest.  The prize ?  Free Pizza For A Year  in the form of a $1,000 gift card (which frankly would be emptied within a couple of months if we had anything to do with it).  And, HUGE bragging rights for EVER.  Check out the link for all the information on how to enter your masterpiece and vote on your favorite design.

And finally a little nugget of San Francisco history.  Our esteemed pals over at Bernalwood shared an important and very cool map of Bernal Heights dated 1889.  It proves once and for all that “La Lengua has always been part of the Dominion of Bernalwood”. It also instills an appreciation of how tough take out and package delivery people had it back in 1889 when “present-day Coleridge, Mirabel, Shotwell, Esmeralda (from today’s park eastward), Peralta (north of Esmeralda), and Holladay were all called California Avenue.”  And we thought the all-too common confusion of Andover and Anderson was bad. Geesh!

Have a Great Weekend!

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