Presidio Heights, Seacliff, Laurel Heights, Laurel Village

Let’s talk about the fancy part of town, shall we? While you may immediately think of Pacific Heights, for the really big homes head to Seacliff and Presidio Heights.

If Pacific Heights seems a little too crowded or pedestrian for your tastes, you might head for Presidio Heights or Seacliff.  

The homes in these neighborhoods are downright palatial and not for the faint of pocketbook.  But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and these homes are absolutely stunning.  

Bordering the Presidio, now a national park & home to George Lucas’ newest Industrial Light and Magic campus, and the ocean, Presidio Heights and Seacliff are quiet, serene and exclusive residential neighborhoods.

A favorite haunt of residents in this area is Liverpool Lil’s, a classic English Pub and restaurant located near the Lyon Street gate into the Presidio. If you’re looking for something more upscale, try Pres di Vi in the new Presidio buildings. It is delicious!

Laurel Heights lies just south of Seacliff and, in addition to being a lovely neighborhood in its own right, serves as a commercial district to its statuesque neighbors.  Elegant antique shops line Sacramento Street and, in the window of one, a stately old Weimaraner keeps a restful eye on passerbys from a lush purple armchair.

There is a host of restaurants, coffee shops, gourmet food markets and a movie theater. In Laurel Heights, you’ll also find the fabulous Jewish Community Center which has recently undergone a major renovation and offers classes, workshops, youth sports and enrichment activities, as well as social events.  It also has one of the best gym facilities in town (open to the public)!

If you’re recently had a baby or need to buy a gift for someone who has, visit Day One.  The store is located on the second floor of an office building (there’s a stroller-friendly elevator) and caters to all things baby, including clothing, gifts, gear, toys, books, feeding supplies, changing tables, weight stations, nursing areas, classes and support groups. It is the go-to spot for new San Francisco mommies and daddies.

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