This Sunday, the Chronicle ran a Sacramento Bee article from February that the NYTimes ran before them (get my point??) about how women home buyers are among the largest growing market of home buyers around the United States.

For those of us in the real estate world as a two time single woman purchaser, myself, this comes as no surprise. Some see the trend as a “Women like to nest more than men thing…” Well, maybe some do but I’m sure not all! Some see it as a “Folks are marrying later…” while others see it as an end of civilization. Well, I’m not here to espouse family values or the lack thereof.

It seems to me that single women home buyers are trying to create financial independence for themselves, whether or not they marry/partner with another person down the road. If a woman has a good job and decent savings, she should explore the option of becoming a homeowner, just like the rest of us! Wanna know something tres interesting….According to NAR statistics, single women were 22% of sales in 2006, which is up from 14% in 1995. What do you think it is for single men???? 9% last year AND in the mid-90s.

C’mon guys, do you want the ladies to beat you on this whole financial freedom thing? I’m not going to comment on the possible reasons for this disparity though I’d love to hear your opinions. Read the ARTICLE here.

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