Exploring the City with Segway: The Ultimate Urban Adventure

You know you always feel obligated into doing the San Francisco tourist tours when friends/family are in town.   Alcatraz Island, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, buying a San Francisco sweatshirt because if your friends/family are not from California they had no idea how cold San Francisco can be, etc. etc.

My good friend Jon’s parents were in town last week and he was in the position of playing the perfect host.  Jon tends to think outside of the box and thought of a great morning activity.  With an extra ticket in hand I joined Jon and the fam on a Segway tour.   Not wanting to be caught by any one of our friends in San Francisco we traveled 20 minutes to Pacifica for a oceanfront excursion.  And it was really fun and easy too!!  I thought I would share.

Not only is a Segway rideable anywhere a electric wheelchair is (hello going straight into Starbucks) but the mechanics of it are really far out.  You move the device: lean forward to go forward, lean back to slow down, stop or reverse, lean the handle to turn.  The segway runs on a battery that is good for 24 miles and charges by plugging into the wall – go green!

Segway and the City
Segway and the City

Next time you have friends in the city a Segway tour might be an idea to try.  If in either San Francisco or Pacifica – it wouldn’t be Pier 39 again!


p.s. To the man who commutes down Market Street on your segway – I will not point and laugh at you anymore 🙂

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