Are You a First Time Home Buyer?

New to the San Francisco area or looking for the ideal family-friendly neighbourhood? An insider’s knowledge of the housing market is essential for dodging pitfalls and securing a competitive edge for finding that perfect home. Examining Bernal Heights real estate trends guides decision-making and contributes to buyer confidence. Ready to begin this journey?

Start With Your Needs

Prior to analyzing real estate trends, it’s important to identify your needs and preferences. An experienced real estate agent will assess these preferences to pinpoint the home of your dreams. For example, is a garage a must, or a backyard? Is proximity to work or direct access to freeways crucial? Is walking distance to schools and businesses important? Detailed information regarding your needs and preferences for your dream house will assist your realtor in meeting your expectations.

Bernal Heights Real Estate Trends

The greater San Francisco Bay area is considered one of the best places to live in the United States. San Francisco is home to about 850,000 people, while the population of Bernal Heights is just under 30,000. If your family includes children, almost half the residents in this area are 18 and under. This is why Bernal Heights is often referred to as a charming urban enclave, catering to families and creating a community feeling. Buying a home in Bernal Heights is more affordable than in previous years. Statistics show a decrease of $127,500, or approximately 9%, in median home sales this past year, with a comparable decrease in average price per square foot from $1,257 to $1,096 a 12.8% drop. The average selling price of a single-family home is also dropping, particularly for two bedroom houses. For buyers in Bernal Heights, this translates to a favourable market.

Bernal Heights Lifestyle

Bernal Heights is a residential neighbourhood with small cafes, restaurants, and trendy shops, all contributing to a unique community feel. Dog owners and hikers will appreciate the nearby parks and trails with spectacular downtown skyline and Sutro Tower views. The northern side of Bernal Heights is referred to as one of San Francisco’s “banana belts”, or less foggy, warmer climate zones. Access to major freeways is also a plus.”

Working with an Experienced Bernal Heights Real Estate Agent

Navigating San Francisco’s Bernal Heights real estate market is easier with an experienced agent. A seasoned real estate professional will negotiate a fair price and find a house that meets most, if not all, your requirements. An experienced realtor invests in you by taking the extra time required to explain this complicated process, resulting in a less stressful experience. Above all, a real estate agent will simplify the buying process and in turn, ease emotional and financial stress. A seasoned realtor also helps with decision-making by providing insight into all aspects of your purchase. For example, buying a house in Bernal Heights can be a smart long-term investment and securing a lower interest rate for a mortgage spanning a few more years can mean significant savings. Although prices in California may be more expensive than the national average, a recent pullback in Bernal Heights home values has created a buyer’s market; a home that retains its value will appreciate over time and sell accordingly. An experienced agent is a valuable resource: knowledgeable, ethical, and an expert negotiator.

Buying a first home in San Francisco is a wise investment too. A knowledgeable real estate professional who excels in customer service will negotiate the best price and find your perfect dream home!


Danielle Lazier + Associates sold over $104,000,000 in San Francisco Bay Area residential real estate in 2018, more homes than any other local realtor, according to the Multiple Listing Service… We specialize in listing, marketing, and representing home buyers, particularly in Bernal Heights. We provide services for buyers with a range of budget, property type, and location requirements to maximize their San Francisco real estate investment. Our ultimate goal is providing a satisfying experience that delivers results.

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