As you know, Forbes recently listed San Francisco’s Sunset District as over-priced. Of course, they were using a Price to Earnings ratio as their gauge. In my opinion, single family home values in this neighborhood should not be evaluated through this lens.

Certainly, there are rentals in the area but mainly, this is a steady, reliable residential neighborhood. Yet, it is important to differentiate within the Sunset. The Inner Sunset, Central Sunset and Outer Sunset all have micro-markets as do the Parkside and Outer Parkside districts.

Generally speaking, this area is consistently in demand. Single family homes in San Francisco are a limited stock. Plus, the Sunset has easy commuter access via car or MUNI, Golden Gate Park’s wonders, great restaurants and stores, and of course, the Ocean….among other quality of life benefits.

It must be said that if you want clear skies and warm days, the Sunset may not be for you! Being someone who complains EVERY summer about how freaking cold, windy and depressing it is here even in the “fogfree-ish” zones like the Mission, Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill, I have to say that if you want real warmth, move to Palm Springs!

So, what is the market like in San Francisco’s Sunset District? Since a question about 3 bedroom homes in the Central Sunset was recently posed on Trulia, I thought I would give you some facts for fun.

Below is a chart of 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes in the Central Sunset. The list includes homes currently for sale, homes that are in escrow (Act.Cont and Pending), and homes that sold within the past 6 months.

Curious about another ‘hood? Let me know and I’m happy to post the results. So go-ahead and geek out on the stats. Just be sure to keep in mind that SF home values can vary A LOT depending on the specific house, block, and even if it’s vacant or comes with tenants. As with all stats, your critical eye is a good thing….

Sunset Home Values Report Here

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