The San Francisco SPCA and Macy’s at Union Square have teamed up to yet again bring an insane amount of cuteness to downtown San Francisco for the Holiday season.  The Macy’s San Francisco SPCA Annual Holiday Windows display* — the one we all look forward to every year — will be unveiled today, Friday November 16, at 5:00 pm at Macy’s Union Square (corner of Stockton and O’Farrell).  SF SPCA Holiday Ambassadors, Mayor Willie Brown and 49ers running back LaMichael James, will do the honors.

Macy's SF SPCA Holiday Windows

The best part of this cherished San Francisco Holiday tradition:  there will be live streaming webcams so you can watch the furry munchkins and laugh at their adorable antics even when you aren’t right there at Macy’s ! With 6 different feeds, each featuring a different Holiday Window !  Sponsored by KSFO, the live streaming hasn’t started yet but check back on KSFO’s website after today.  Hey, who knows, maybe you’ll find your feline or canine BFF while you are obsessively watching the live stream and ignoring your work working hard, like Bob Cratchit hard, and only taking one minute out of your busy day, during your coffee break, to watch the live feed of the kittens romping around in the Macy’s Holiday Windows display.

The SF SPCA and Macy’s have a bunch of events happening centered around the Holiday Windows campaign.  There are opportunities to volunteer and donate, in addition to adopt.  The adoptable cats and dogs will be at Macy’s from November 16 to January 1, 2013.

Before checking out all of the shoe sales, buying another umbrella to make it through San Francisco’s rainy winter, or joining your friends at Happy Hour to avoid writing out your Holiday cards, make a stop at the SF SPCA adoption pop-up on Macy’s Main Floor.  Just like the Grinch, your small heart will grow three sizes that day.


*Voted one of the 10 greatest places to press your nose against the glass by USA TODAY.

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