I’m a little behind the times noting on this blog adjustments made to the San Francisco Real Estate Neighborhoods Map. My clients and friends got the word through Zephyr Real Estate Market Tracker and SFGate reported on May 29th, 2009. But, better late than never, right?

Here’s the word from Zephyr:

“The buzz around town these days surrounds the name of your neighborhood.  Hard to believe that in 49 square miles, San Francisco consists of 109 places to live – this according to Wikipedia. With a new SFAR map set to debut, here are some highlights:

Say Hello to…

Cole Valley. It’s official! Congrats Cole Valley, you are now a real neighborhood! You have successfully escaped the maternal hands of Parnassus Heights. Just think, one day you can have your own neighborhood festival – wait, you have for years now. Hmmmm.

NoPa. That’s right, kicked out of the Western Addition for being too trendy, North Panhandle now gets to flex it’s hipster muscles.

The Barbary Coast. Takes us right back to 1848 smack dab in the Gold Rush Era. All we need now are a few casinos, brothels and old-timey saloons, and we’ll see you at high noon!

Candelstick Point. We can’t keep the name of the stadium, we may not even keep the team there, but we now have a new neighborhood consisting of the stadium and area formerly part of Bayview Park.

Unfortunately if you go looking for the Dogpatch, you won’t find it. It doesn’t officially exist quite yet, as the Central Waterfront keeps its coveted neighborhood.”

So, here’s my question. North of Panhandle already existed on our real estate map. Then, it was affectionately or not so affectionately dubbed “NoPa.” This is nothing new, I don’t think. I guess they chopped off part of Western Addition and added it to NoPa?

Gee whiz, I cannot wait for the new maps to be printed. I bet you are excited too, right? I mean how else would you know where you are unless a friendly Realtor, like me, was here to tell you?

One more thing: The Bernal Heights real estate district is too big. What happens on the north side is very different from the market around Cortland Ave. The market around Cortland is very different from that around Alemany and so forth. I don’t think we fixed this issue. Maybe next time! In the meantime, work with local experts, like us, who know the difference between Aztec Street and Crescent Avenue. It’s your micro-market that counts!

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