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This post is part of the SFhotlist Client Success Story Series. San Francisco real estate is always dynamic, but no matter what the local market looks like, we deliver results. Let us know what you think!

The Clients.

Elizabeth and Dylan are old friends of mine, so I jumped at the chance to help them make their San Francisco real estate story a big success.

Elizabeth had purchased her home with a different agent. It was a major fixer and she poured blood, sweat, and tears into the renovation of the home over the past 15 years. It was a very hands-on, DIY process with every dollar carefully spent.

After a few years, Dylan moved in, they got married, and had their first child. Their beloved home had become too tight of a squeeze and they began a two year-long internal debate: Do we sell the condo? Do we stay put and make it work? Do we rent the condo? If we do move, do we stay in SF? Do we move to Oakland?

Luckily for them, in addition to drastically improving the condo, the neighborhood around their home, Mission Dolores, has become one of the hippest, most desirable neighborhoods in SF. The stars had aligned and they decided it was time to sell.

The Challenge.

San Francisco Real EstateElizabeth and Dylan are real estate fans. They watched the market carefully, attended open houses in their neighborhood, and generally tried to keep up with home values and listing trends. So they knew that to get the best results, they would need to do some cosmetic improvements and professional staging. While they had spent A LOT of money improving the structure–foundation, electrical, plumbing, roof, siding, etc.–they had left the interior in somewhat original condition. They knew that the next likely home buyer would want a condo that felt “updated” and “move-in ready.”

However, there was a disconnect between what we all wanted to do to prep the home for sale and what the budget would allow. In addition, they had to keep living in the home during the marketing period. They knew that most homes are vacant and fully staged when on the market but it just was not an option for them.

The Fix.

San Francisco Real EstateMy style is to offer my most strategic advice and then be flexible and come up with the best solution for the client’s individual situation. We play the best hand with the cards we’re dealt.

Utilizing my extensive network of vendors, we were able to get the condo “Champagne ready” on a “beer budget.” Dylan and Elizabeth were great! They moved a lot of their extra stuff into storage and were willing to live as if in a hotel room for the duration of the marketing.

It was difficult to live in the partially staged condo with pets and a baby. Having to keep their condo perfect for showings was a challenge, but it was also an investment of emotional effort that paid off.

The Results.

We received multiple offers, all well over the asking price, and closed escrow for a record price per square foot in the neighborhood. AND, I was able to negotiate a long “rent back” for the sellers so they could stay living in the condo while they purchased their new home. The results we got were financially successful AND emotionally comfortable for Elizabeth and Dylan, and I felt good knowing I made their lives easier.

Granted, Elizabeth is a friend, but here’s what she had to say when the deal was done:

“Danielle is a badass and a smooth operator! Loved working with her to sell our Mission condo. She was supportive, effective, reliable and just plain cool to work with. She got us an awesome price, with 2 months free rent back while we search for our next home… she was flexible and informative (how in the living heck can one person know SO much about this market and real estate in general??) I think the best adjectives to describe Danielle as a professional is Driven & Cool.”

Reach out.

I love working with clients like Elizabeth and Dylan. Right now, I’m looking for more home owners like them who have outgrown their first homes. Maybe they started a family and need another bedroom or are ready to move somewhere with a yard or are transitioning from a corporate career and want to start a home-based business.

If you’re ready to make a move and are looking for a creative, strategy-minded San Francisco real estate agent, let’s talk.

– DL

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