San Francisco Real Estate Market Update

This week, Zephyr Real Estate, reported the following sales:

  • 31 Properties Sold
  • 12 Received Multiple Offers
  • 4 Sold at the Asking Price
  • 16 Sold under the Asking Price
  • 11 Sold over the Asking Price

At today’s office meeting, we discussed the state of our local market. In giving his thoughts, our manager told us that he is seeing A LOT of Realtors making purchases. We are the ones most on the inside of the market so if we are buying, YOU should be buying.

There is likely only about 6–8 months left of this more balanced, “buyers” market. Take advantage of it.

I promise you that the time will come (and perhaps sooner than you think), when San Francisco real estate sizzles again. Do you want to be a renter or a homeowner during the next boom?

When it comes to super-star cities, like NY, SF, etc, it is hard to imagine the next boom not coming.

Know what I mean?

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