Wondering about Realtor Fees?

With this year’s increase in home values throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be wondering if it’s the right time to sell your home, what price your home might fetch on the market, and what seller fees and closing costs would be involved with your San Francisco home sale.

Whether it’s the right time or the right price depends on your personal situation and your home, but the closing costs and fees associated with selling a home in the SF Bay Area are more predictable.

Watch: Seller Fees and Closing Costs of Selling a Home in the SF Bay Area

In this quick video blog, we’ll cover the major seller fees and closing costs commonly involved with selling a home in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, including commissions to your agent, presale improvements and repairs, and the city and county transfer tax. Watch below to learn about San Francisco home seller fees!

Learn More About San Francisco Realtor Fees and Closing Costs

For a deeper dive into common San Francisco Bay Area real estate closing costs and fees, check out our blog: Real Estate Closing Costs in San Francisco.

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