Navigating the Real Estate Market: Is it Priced to Sit or Priced to Sell?

Five years ago I helped Paul and Gloria purchase their first home. Now, with one child and a second on the way, they called and asked me to help them sell their home and find a larger house for their growing family.

Paul and Gloria’s condo was in a nice neighborhood and had appreciated?but in this current market, not nearly as much as they’d thought. They were disappointed with my suggested listing price and said they’d think it over and get back to me. I didn’t hear back from them. Ten days later, I discovered they’d listed their house with another agent?for $30,000 more than the price I’d suggested.

Four months later, when their listing expired & their condo had not sold, Paul and Gloria called, apologized, and asked me to list their home to sell. We sold the house in 31 days, and now they’re packing and preparing to move into their 3-bedroom single family home, which they got a great deal on, by the way!

Who’s the next person you know whose listing has expired? Be sure to give me a call to discuss how we can let them know about my services.

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