Real Estate Success Story: Gary and Anne’s Journey from Skeptical to Satisfied

Gary and Ann needed a larger home with more bedrooms and a bigger backyard. They had three young children, two dogs, and not enough space for their family to grow. However, the bitter memories of their last homebuying experience remained, so Gary and Ann hesitated to work with another Realtor. They even discussed trying to sell their home and purchase another using an online service to avoid a repeat of their last situation.

I’d helped Ann’s boss downsize from her house to a condo, and she suggested they talk to me. They were somewhat skeptical when we met for our Initial Consultation, until I explained that I was a consultant, not a salesperson, and more interested in building relationships than making a sale. As Ann and Gary grew more comfortable, they shared personal thoughts about their goals and dreams. We discovered what was truly important to them about both the transaction and their new home. We started house hunting and three weeks later, Ann and Gary purchased a four-bedroom home with a huge backyard for $15,000 less than asking price. I’m honored to say they’ve since referred two friends to me!

Do you know anyone with great income, savings and no tax deductions? Please let me know about them so they can enjoy home ownership & better their bottom line.

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