Tuesday is Broker Tour day for San Francisco Realtors. This means that each Tuesday there is a City-wide tour of many available listings.

The tour starts at 9am in the northern parts of the City, think Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow, Russian Hill, etc and weaves its way around until it ends in the Mission, Bernal Heights, Excelsior etc at 4:30pm.

Okay, so now that you have the framework, I need to vent. As a local San Francisco Realtor who works REALLY hard to help my clients whether they are buying or selling a home, I get REALLY frustrated to see these crazily over-priced listings. It is shameful, actually.

I mean, really, an Excelsior home in THIS market for almost a million dollars! You must be kidding me. Hello, it’s not 2004 anymore, people. And, even if it were, this is ridiculous.

Sellers, please be realistic. If you don’t want to be realistic, then don’t sell. Simple enough.

Agents, why waste your time (not to mention my time, other dutiful agents’ time and the home buyers’ time) and money on listings that are completely out of wack with today’s market???

I learned my lesson on this one the hard way and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun and it won’t happen again if I have any say about it. Frankly, I’d rather be in the park with my little Pomeranian, than try in vain to sell an over-priced listing.

It isn’t good for you as the agent or seller. It isn’t good for the local market (just keeps inventory inflated). And, it isn’t good for me and my fellow Realtors who have the guts to tell our clients the truth and to walk away from “business.”

We are LUCKY to live and own real estate in San Francisco. Values here are SO resilient. Even if your home has depreciated, it hasn’t by much and if you compare your situation to your neighbors in most of the US, you will kiss your sidewalk.

Okay, now for the most important part… Don’t trip over my soapbox on your way to Facebook. 😉

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