Noe Valley Deck
Noe Valley Roof Deck
Noe Valley Patio

While out on city-wide real estate broker tour this week, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the Noe Valley homes were featuring fabulous roof decks, yards, patios and gardens! Here are a few pics to make my 9-5 buddies jealous 😉

Outdoor space can really make or break a home in San Francisco- perfect for a morning cup of coffee or an after-work glass of wine, for entertaining guests and for the children to (safely) entertain themselves….

Because outdoor space is a San Francisco real estate rarity, it is a very powerful selling feature of a home. When the doors are open to a back yard or deck on a typical sunny Noe Valley day, it’s almost like a magnetic field is pulling you outside and whisking you past the living room or kitchen.

Many of the homes I previewed had their flaws: whether it be a not-so-perfect floor plan or a kitchen or bathroom that needed some TLC, but the almighty power of a south-facing yard makes those issues easier to stomach. Kind of like the power chocolate has to convince you that it’s “healthy”… (OK, maybe that’s just me!)

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